Travel To Phu Quoc In Low Season (P2)


Time from April to October annually is the low season in Phu Quoc island. It’s also an ideal time for people to explore this island. Here are some notes you should consider before a trip to Phu Quoc in low season.

4. What to do in Phu Quoc at night

Dinh Cau night market: It is a small and interesting market which offers full of food and drinks, clothes and souvenirs as well.

Eating snails and seafoods: You can taste foods made of snail at Trung Duong restaurant and then take a cup of coffe at a floating shop (Hai Tram coffee shop-a special float shop on the river near Hung Vuong street)

Ham Ninh sea crabs

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Eating goat meat: You can try this dish at Mum restaurant or at 7 Tau restaurant, both of restaurants are on 30/4 street and near Zen restaurant.

Enjoy coffee: At a rainy night, you can go to one of some unique and attractive coffee shops to enjoy Phu Quoc coffee and hang out with your beloved people.

Ahoy club

Watch beautiful sunset: Though Phu Quoc is famous its beaches, it’s also contry-renowned as a paradise for sunset lovers. The falling sun at yellow-reddish color, the wind said to sing in soft whisper and soundless surroundings are all you have for a marvelous sunset view in Phu Quoc island.

Squid fishing: When the night falls, squids go hunting for food. It’s perfect time to go squid fishing. People are normally used to catching fish, not fishing some squids, so tourists find it exciting to go catch squids on their own.