Nam Du- A perfect place to hide in the South


If you like traveling to pristine and peaceful places, Nam Du is a perfect choice for this summer vacation.

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About Nam Du island

Nam Du is a small archipelago (near Phu Quoc island) of Kien Giang (a province in Mekong Delta). The largest island is Hon Lon (Large Islet), locally called Cu Tron islet. Nam Du tourism is at its early stage so everything is still pristine and natural. Following are some my informations and experiences for travelling to Nam Du island. Located in the Southeast of Phu Quoc island, far from Rach Gia beach 65 sea miles, Nam Du islands includes 21 islands arranged in two parallel rows to the North-South direction of Kien Giang province.

To reach Nam Du, the only way is to go by train. From Rach Gia, there is a high train depart in the morning to Nam Du in the afternoon. In the holidays and tourism season, there will be more trains to serve tourists. The largest is Nam Du island with the highest peak of 309 m in height where a lighthouse was placed.

Nam Du islands has many beautiful beaches with white sand and blue sea but the most beautiful is Men beach (Nam Du big island). Men beach is famous for deep blue sea with arc shape. There is very little wave so it is very peaceful here.

You can enjoy fresh seafood like oysters, squids… and also immersed yourself in the sea wind in the huts. Beaches in Nam Du have many rocks, there is only in Men beach you can bath and walk on white sand shore. Many tourists go camping here.

Near big Nam Du island is Hon Mau island. This island has the most beautiful beach here with origin and peace. Hon Mau island has white sand shore and blue sea that not every beach has.

Hon Ngang island is in the centre of Nam Du islands. There is no beautiful beach but this is the gather place of every boat. Tourists often come here to sightsee and buy seafood.

Another destination is Hai Bo Dap island. This place is perfect to go camping, you can hire a tent to sleep at night. Hai Bo Dap is very beautiful with blue sea, perfect for you to bath, dive to see the coral reef or go fishing.

And also make sure that you won’t miss the seafood here like: fish baked with bananas, oysters baked with onions, fresh squid…

Leaving Nam Du, tourists will not only bring back specialities here but also the friendliness, hospitality of the local people with a memory of a peaceful heaven in the South sky. 

Nam Du island via Vietnam travel agency

How to get to to Nam Du island

Basically, way to get Nam Du is similar to Phu Quoc. You have to get to Rach Gia from Ho Chi Minh by bus (take about 6 hours) then take the boat.

Some reputed bus firms to get Rach Gia:

1. Mai Linh at Mien Tay bus station (395 Kinh Duong Vuong – Binh Tan – Ho Chi Minh city). Tel: +848.

2. Phuong Trang bus at Mien Tay bus station, Tel: +84838.309.309

3. Tuyet Hon at Mien Tay station, +84773.960.960

4. Kumho Samco at Mien Tay station, +8483.8776.594

Get to Nam Du by boat

To catch the boat, you have be at dock before 8am. You can consult service of Ngoc Thanh speedboat, add: 456 Mac Cuu street – Rach Gia city, tel: +8477.3863.019 or +8491.8914.188. You will arrive at Nam Du station (on Cu Tron islet) at 11am. 

Attractions on Nam Du island

You should rent a motorbike to travel on Nam Du, price about $8 – $10/day. You can ask from your hotel. 

1. Nam Du lighthouse (on the peak of Hon Lon) is 2.5 km (1.5 miles) from Nam Du dock. You can get  to the lighthouse by walking, motortaxi or motorbike (you should be a skilled motorbike driver, because the roads slope down rather steep).

2. Cay Men beach (bãi Cây Mến) is the most beautiful beach of Nam Du archipelago with green row of coconut, white sands and blue sea. 

3. Hai Bo Dap (Hòn Hai Bờ Đập) is a beautiful islet with still sea suitable for fishing and camping. 

4. Nom islet (Hòn Nồm) is very pristine, often uninhabited, however, very difficult to dock on the islet because of the reefs. 

5. Son Islet or Son Rai islet (Hòn Sơn) has many residents and good roads. You should rent a motorbike for a tour around the islet. Negotiate for only half-day rent because that’s all you need. 

Nam Du island via Vietnam travel agency

Hotels in Nam Du

On Hon Lon (the Largest Island)

1. Kim Yen motel, 5$/double room/night, tel: +8493.9486.262 . The motel is close to the sea, nice view, good room. I vote for this motel. 

2. Thuy Diep motel is near the market, rates from $6/double room, has karaoke room, tel: +8477.3830.853 or +84914.499.863. The motel is slightly old but clean.

3. Sau Co motel is near the dock, +84773.690.225 or +84907.172.656. Price about $5/room. 

In case you can’t find any room, don’t worry, ask the locals for help finding rooms or ask to stay overnight in their home, some of whom will agree (with a small cost). 

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