Top fun things to do on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam


Are you planning on going on a holiday to Phu Quoc island anytime soon, in the South of Vietnam? We just got back from there and in this article we’ll list the most special and most fun things to do on Phu Quoc in Vietnam for you! When we booked the flights to get from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) to Phu Quoc to experience the island life in Vietnam I honestly didn’t really know what to expect from it. Of course… I’ve seen the beautiful pictures online that feature pearl white beaches, palm trees and azure blue water but is there enough to do on the island to spend more than five nights there? If you want to alter ‘relax days’ with some activities than you can easily enjoy yourself for a week on Phu Quoc. In this article I’ve lined up the most fun things to do on Phu Quoc in Vietnam for you!

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Phu Quoc National Park

In the North of Phu Quoc Island you’ll find the Phu Quoc National Park. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to make a tour here, but according to the locals we’ve met it’s definitely worth it. The Northern part of the island is still really a jungle and very intact compared to the Southern part.

Get a picture on the swing

Have you always wanted to make a picture while sitting on a swing hanging from a palm tree? If yes, this is your chance because at Sao Beach you can find two of these swings! Go early in order to take the best pictures without other people or beach beds on it. Or go when the sun sets if you want a picture on the swings with a sea view. And one more tip: make your move when the sun is shining! I thought… Oh well, I’ll just take one tomorrow but the day after it was cloudy and gray the entire day. BUMMER!

Go for a spa day

If you ask me, one of the best things of Asia is the amount of great spas and wellness salons you’ll find there. From local to cheap, from massages on the beach to very professional salons in the more luxurious hotels. There’s a great massage for every budget on Phu Quoc.

Tranh Waterfall via Youvivu


If you rent a scooter on Phu Quoc island one of the highlights you could go to is the Suoi Tranh Waterfall in the middle of the island. Exactly how big the waterfall is differs per season!

Relax at Sao Beach

There’s been some discussion on what the most beautiful beach on the island is. Because this varies per season! In the more humid season Sao Beach is without a doubt the most beautiful beach of the island. Here you can rent some lovely beds at the beach restaurant Paradiso that are situated directly at the azure blue water! At Paradiso you can also go for a massage for a fair price (less than € 15,-!). During the high season the prettiest beach can be found at Long Beach, where the water at that moment is bright blue and very calm. Some great restaurant there are Pepper Tree restaurant and beach bar Rory’s for a beautiful sunset.

Dinh Cau Night Market Phu Quoc

Everyone who has visited Phu Quoc at least once will tell you that you can’t leave the island without having paid a visit to the famous Dinh Cau Night Market in the capital city Duong Dong. What to expect? Seafood, LOTS of seafood restaurant where the fish is delivered freshly from the fishing boats right onto your plate. The prices don’t seem to be as low as they used to be, because the island gets more popular every year and they welcome more and more tourists but you’ll still get a dinner for not too much food, and still the portions are huge and very tasty. Consider clipper lobster, tiger prawns, blue carbs and all sorts of possible clams that you can imagine. Furthermore you’ll find the well-known souvenir stands on the night market of Phu Quoc that sell wicker bags among others, souvenirs with inlaid pearls, Vietnamese hats and jewelry with Jade.

Dinh cau Night market via Expedia

Participate in a cooking class

Would you like to visit the local market at Phu Quoc with a Chef? If yes, book a cooking class and chances are you’ll start the class at the local market where you’ll look out for all the ingredients needed for the Vietnamese dishes you’re about to prepare. I personally really liked doing one of those cooking classes and the most luxurious hotels do offer classes like this to their guests. You’ll learn how simple it actually is to make the fresh springrolls at home (summer rolls) and this way you can reminisce about your trip back home!

Visit a pepper farm

Are you into cooking and are you interested in the several spices that can be found in other countries? Phu Quoc Island is known for the farms where they harvest red peppers. The reference to these spices can also be seen in many names of the restaurants and hotels. Are you going to do such a tour, a farm can be combined with a visit to the day market, for example.

To the local day market

Personally I always like to visit a local market everytime I’m in a foreign country. The “Day Market” on Phu Quoc Island can be found under the bridge in the capital city Duong Dong. Right behind the market stalls the fishermen moor their boats to sell the fresh catches of the day. Furthermore, you’ll find lots of vegetables and all the imaginable sorts of fruit, butchers and stalls where the locals buy their clothes. Very fun to stroll around and learn about the basis of the Vietnamese dishes. I’ve went there with one of the Chefs of the MGallery La Veranda resort and that really makes a visit to the local market extra special!

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