Phu Quoc Island is a dream for those seeking adventure by motorbike. Venturing off the beaten path is where the true essence of the island comes alive. With its vast acres of tropical jungles and white sand beaches, there are many incredible spots to watch Phu Quoc’s stunning sunrises and sunsets. But the locations listed below are particularly breathtaking…


Set amidst a tropical landscape, Phu Quoc Kim - Bungalow On The Beach features a spa and 2 dining options. Offering free Wi-Fi and parking, this property is just 2 km from Duong Dong Market.


Although it is just seven miles off the Cambodian coast, Phu Quoc is owned and administered by Vietnam. A fact, that has been the cause of friction between the two countries for many years.

Travel Tips

It’s summertime and the great outdoors are calling. You want to hit the beach, but you also want to go camping. Why not do both? Beach camping is the ultimate summer getaway – the changing tides and crisp sea breeze, waves yearning to be surfed and horizons begging to be explored offer a sense of complete and utter freedom in a constantly moving environment.